Forest, Watershed, Steam and Lakes Recovery Efforts

AZ-TU received a formal USFS 4FRI Recognition Certificate for Stake Holder Group (SHG) support for Contributions to 1 st 4FRI EIS.

As a 4FRI Stakeholder, AZ-TU helped write the 4FRI SHG Acceptance Letter of the 1 st 4FRI EIS to USNFS, and participated in the USNFS Objection Review Process to achieve final acceptance of that EIS.

AZ-TU has become a major participant in 2 nd 4FRI EIS (Rim Country EIS) Planning efforts: Incorporating information from TU’s North American Salmonid Plan into proposed Desired Conditions descriptions; Coordinating a Streams Restoration and Native Trout Recovery Presentation by TU National & AZGFD Staff to the 4FRI SHG/USFS 4FRI Core Team, resulting in USFS 4FRI Core Team Request for a Streams List for Recovery efforts.